Topic: New licensing system and new releases for all DAPlugin.com products

Since we have successfully upgraded our licensing system from PHPAudit v2 to SPBAS v1.8, new versions for all our plugin products have been released in order to take advantages of the new licensing system.

Other than supporting the new licensing system, tons of new features have been implemented. For example:

  • Rails in DA: Support for Rails 2.3/3 and Phusion Passenger

  • DA-Tomcat: Support for Tomcat 6

  • DA-PgSQL: Support for PostgreSQL 8.4/9

  • DeeperAdmin: Added many new DirectAdmin configuration options

  • daplugin.build: Support for our new file repository; Support for PHP Express loaders update for plugins; installation options for SQLite, Phusion Passenger; etc.

You are STRONGLY advised to upgrade ALL your existing installations of our plugin products. Older versions of our software relies on the legacy system, PHPAudit v2, for license validation; while the planned removal date of our existing PHPAudit v2 is 2010 Jan 30 -- you will no longer able to use any of your purchased plugins after the removal.

With the help of the daplugin.build script, upgrading our plugins just take you a few minutes. It is recommended to remove the plugins completely before upgrade.

To install the daplugin.build script:

# mkdir -p /usr/local/directadmin/daplugin.com
# cd /usr/local/directadmin/daplugin.com
# wget [url]http://files.daplugin.com/daplugin.build[/url]
# chmod 755 daplugin.build

Make sure to run a update whenever you use the script:

# ./daplugin.build update

To update the plugins, run any of the following commands accordingly:

# ./daplugin.build rails_in_da
# ./daplugin.build da-tomcat
# ./daplugin.build da-pgsql
# ./daplugin.build deeperadmin
# ./daplugin.build idm
# ./daplugin.build da-pear

We have been working hard on the documentations and changelogs for the new releases. Should you have any queries, please feel free to conact us through the following channels:

Community Forums - http://daplugin.com/community/
Temporary Helpdesk - http://daplugin.com/support/ (A new one which is built-in with SPBAS will be launched soon)

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